About The Vaughan Firm...
The Vaughan Firm is an adoption and child welfare law firm located in Leesburg, Virginia. We pride ourselves in serving adoptive parents, birth parents, and children to the highest standards of competence, ethics, and client service. Click here to read about what sets us apart from other firms, or better yet, contact us.
About Elizabeth Vaughan...
Elizabeth Vaughan is an attorney practicing exclusively adoption and child welfare law in Virginia and the District of Columbia. Focusing exclusively on adoption allows Elizabeth to give clients real depth of expertise in the complicated field of adoption law. Elizabeth believes that in addition to an educated mind, a caring heart and a listening ear are essentials for an adoption lawyer.

In addition to serving adoptive parents and birth parents in adoption cases, Elizabeth is a certified Guardian ad Litem for Children. She also writes the popular adoption blog Adoptivity.

Elizabeth has two Bachelor.s degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and a Juris Doctor degree from William and Mary School of Law.

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Knowledge, availability, compassion, and thoroughness are the hallmarks of our practice. Click here to read more about how we put these qualities to work for our clients.
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